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Part of the Museum of New Mexico system, this museum conducts thematic tours for school children grades K-8 on Tuesday through Thursday at Students will sense a personal connection in both these stories, as they deal with familiar customs and family interactions, thus stimulating a sense of comfort and safety.

He was a man on a mission for gold who pursued this endeavor relentlessly, making judgments against the Aztecs for their practice of human sacrifice but seemingly with no comprehension of his own willingness to sacrifice thousands of human lives for the sake of golden ore.


In India, there are many laws formed and enacted against the child molestation. She will be the unifying character whom we meet in the beginning and to whom we return at the end of the unit. When a person does not know the other one, it creates the issues of lack of understanding which results in so much of negative experiences and worries.

Consejo Nacional de Fomenta Educativo, Literature Circles begin with monolingual readers and gradually branch out to include text to be read in L2 and native speakers of both languages.

Then students will draw or paint an example of a pictograph taken either from a real example or by inventing their own.

Both books recount, in narrative style, the events of the war between the Spanish and the Mexicans. I believe that by reading the literature of both cultures, from past to present, by recognizing and honoring their heroes and their everyday folk, and by sharing their own personal stories of their life journeys and those of their families, we may begin to accomplish this reconciliation.

Upon completion of both text and drawings, they will read their stories aloud to the class and exhibit the illustrations. A mirror story, Going Home, shares the theme of returning to family in Mexico from the United States and the feelings of home and also estrangement that this return evokes.

The three main figures we will study in this part of the unit are as follows.

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In what ways have our feelings about each other changed? Also, how am I like this person? About years later, when Spanish conquistadors brought their Aztec captives to Santa Fe, these conquered people settled in Barrio Analco and this location metaphorically became one of the new locations of the kingdom of Aztlan.

Hans Furth, in his book Piaget for Teachers, advises teachers that "the first job of our elementary schools today should be to strengthen the thinking foundations on which any particular learning is founded" 1. I plan to alternate reading a chapter at a time, one day in Spanish and the next day in English.

Hence, this is an ideal time not only to introduce point-of-view, but to have students uncover the places where the stories are the same and the points of view differ.

Literal and figurative borders. Discussion questions will focus on contributions the person they interviewed is making to our world. Living in Santa Fe, New Mexico is living in antiquity and possibility. But this is really a serious and a critical issue. This affects the psychology of a child very badly.

Children will illustrate their stories. For a discussion of the job of primary education as a matter of strengthening thinking foundations, see Furth I will direct read-alouds in various configurations from the literature circles, to paired readings, to "teacher reads aloud," thereby facilitating the early English readers in their speed and comprehension.

I will encourage students to make text-to-text connections as the unit unfolds. Experience has shown me that my students love this thoughtful, thought-provoking and well-crafted story because there is much in it with which they identify.

At no time will any student be required to read aloud from this book. This is a triumphant tale of a young girl, born into a wealthy ranching family in Mexico, who emigrates to California with her mother upon the death of her father to become a migrant farm worker.

The plot is frequently concerned with a mother who has either lost or killed her own children and now haunts the rivers and arroyos weeping, wailing and seeking those children.

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This method is particularly helpful to those students who are basically recognizing only a few words and those who are reading below grade level.

There is also strong resentment among Republicans for the way in which the law was passed. Hence, Aztlan has existed for at least years as at the very least a symbolic concept, if not a literal one, and so it continues today.

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We will begin by making text-to-self connections in the first section, then move to text-to-world connections in the second, and return to text-to-self connections in the third. Upon completion of the above activities, students will begin in earnest to investigate through literature the historical milieu of the time of the Spanish conquest of the people of Tenochtitlan and the events and people who stand out from that time period and whose shadows continue to walk among us.

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These codices will be our class histories and the mirrors in which to see ourselves. Rhythmic footwork pulsed to the beat of a steady drum while a Spanish soldier and an Aztec slave tussled for supremacy.

Marriage is the concept which has changed many lives, for some it has proven the best thing could ever happen while for others, it became a nightmare.

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The third and final stage of the unit will focus on contemporary life in New Mexico, especially as it is influenced by our connection to Mexico.Voice Activity –Record 5 answers to questions about likes and dislikes. Time and Schedules Quiz - Tell time. Vocabulary Quiz – Tener + family Writing Assignment Writing Assignment – Writing about yourself and others using what you’ve learned.

Family Likes and Dislikes Writing Assignment Due Jul 7, by pm; Points 10; Submitting a text entry box, a website url, a media recording, or a file upload; Submit your work for the assignment.

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03.07 family likes and dislikes writing assignment answers
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