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She was investigating a series of grisly murders and disappearances that had plagued the otherwise sleepy upstate town over the last few months. Robin confronts Eileen with the story, and Eileen denies everything.

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She expresses her love for Carl, pleading with him to choose her. It is nowand the player assumes the role of Carl Denning, an investigative reporter for the television series "Case 11th hour. Thornton, who treated Eileen that night.

He pays to reveal door number two, which turns out to be a large TV. He initially resists, worried about the media attention a famous disappearance would bring, and Marie challenges him to say "no" to Stauf.

Eileen confirms she lost her hand that night, claiming it had been bitten off by a dog, but offers no other meaningful details of the encounter.

Samantha urges Carl to choose her, revealing that this will end Stauf forever and that choosing either of the others will doom him. Carl and Robin embrace as Samantha looks on in disappointment.

He eventually wins her over by enticing her with her own television network. Trilobyte had confirmed that the game would be released on both the iPhone and iPad platforms. Samantha had an illegal abortion that resulted in her paralysis, but Eileen had a daughter, Marie. Next, he pays door number one, which is Marie.

The newscaster reports that he disappeared on his honeymoon in Harley-on-the-Hudson after marrying Robin, who is the new president of the Stauf Broadcasting System. Robin attempts to interview Samantha, but their meeting is adversarial.

Many of the videos that were filmed for the game used location shooting ; the fifth scene utilised a blue screen incorporating a neutral blue drape.

Book of Secrets application for iOS was renamed to just Book of Secrets, and was updated to include a walkthrough and script for The 11th Hour, just as it already had for 7th Guest. Eileen then challenges Robin to go to the house herself. Though the doctor appears to believe Eileen about the dog, the interview proves fruitful as Dr.

The story then picks up with Carl in the mansion. Rumors immediately surfaced that an "uncut" version of 11th Hour existed, leading to the game makers announcing that the R-rated sequences, though planned, were never filmed.

Desperate to keep her secret from getting out, Marie commands her lover Chuck to murder Robin. Plot[ edit ] The story opens 60 years after the events of The 7th Guest. As Robin moves through the house, it breaks her by systematically confronting her with uncomfortable truths about her past. Macintosh Premier was used to convert the capture film into digitized images and videos.

Finally, Carl pays to reveal door number three, which is Robin. Robin Morales, his producer and lover, mysteriously vanished three weeks prior in Harley-on-the-Hudson, New York.

Carl expresses regret about Robin, but Samantha laments that Robin was lost the moment she said "yes" to Stauf. Samantha claims that during their encounter with the house, something supernatural held the girls down and raped them, then let them go. Marie leads him through a door to another room, and as the two have sex, Marie morphs into Stauf.

Thornton reveals that Eileen was not alone that night; her friend Samantha Ford was with her in the house those 18 years ago.11th Hour are based in Cardiff and specialise in event management and event production.

From Ice Rink to music festivals we have the experience and knowledge. The 11th Hour is a interactive movie puzzle adventure game with a horror setting. It is the sequel to the game The 7th Guest.

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