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At the age of 70, Aaron Feuerstein could have easily pocketing insurance money, closed up shop and retire. I have an equal responsibility to the community. Though no longer the chief executive of Malden Mills, Aaron Feuerstein left an amazing legacy.

One of the very bases of the Torah is that there is an ultimate reward Aaron feuerstein essay the just, and punishment for evil. At times, one encounters a word or phrase that may seem unremarkable but becomes considerably more poignant, even striking, when savored slowly and thoughtfully.

In March, when asked by the CBS program "60 Minutes" if, knowing how things played out, he would do the same thing he had done, he responded, "Yes, it was the right thing to do. Earlier this year, Malden Mills filed for bankruptcy. Rather than downsize each time they developed new technology that would replace workers, they instead would look for new ways to use their employees.

Malden Mills was one of the largest employers in the town of Lawrence Massachusetts and would continue to grow, eventually employing over 3, workers.

Aaron Feuerstein

But from our limited vantage point as mortals, we cannot see that, and so are anguished at the "bad things" that seem to happen to "good people" and vice versa. Though it has been a union factory for generations, Malden Mills has never had a strike because of the leadership of the Feuersteins and their efforts to balance employee and business needs.

It has a social obligation to figure out a strategy, which will be able to permit workers to make a living wage. His father and grandfather had owned and operated a company named Malden Mills since What was more, and even more remarkable, he continued to pay his thousands of idled workers -- whose families were dependent on his factory -- for the months that passed until it was operative again.

A time will come when clarity will replace confusion, when understanding will supplant puzzlement. Even then Feuerstein was regretful of this situation and made great efforts to reduce human suffering and provide generous severance packages.

Despite running a company making millions each year, Aaron never spent company funds or even personal funds on lavish expenses such as private jets and chauffeurs. Tough economic times forced the company into bankruptcy in and hundreds of employees would be laid off. Aaron Feuerstein modeled great ethics and community awareness throughout his career, especially noticeable when he handled the aftermath of a tragic fire that left his community on the verge of despair.

Bean in their winter clothing. He also could have followed the trend of other large corporations and relocated overseas.

Long term was precisely what he was thinking. It is a profoundly subversive thought in a society saturated with unlimited expectations and trained in instant gratification.

Aaron Feuerstein was born in as the son of a businessman. It would have been unconscionable to put 3, people on the streets and deliver a deathblow to the cities of Lawrence and Methuen. The company continues to this day to produce Polartec fleece but was restructured after it was forced to file bankruptcy a decade later due to competing forms of the unpatented fabric and declining sales of textiles in the U.

To Feuerstein, though, the point is moot. It was a simple but powerful sentence, reflecting a simple but powerful -- and wholly Jewish -- idea: Feuerstein is a legend in the corporate world. The new plant was rebuilt as an employee and eco-friendly factory.

But we also insist a business must have responsibility for its workers, for the community and the environment. I have an equal responsibility to the community.

We are charged with acting not for the moment but rather for the Moment, for the larger goal, for what is right.Free Essay: Aaron Feuerstein In this paper I will discuss Aaron Feuerstein, the third-generation president and CEO of Malden Mills Industries, Inc., who.

Aaron Feuerstein

Get access to Aaron Feuerstein Essays only from Anti Essays. Listed Results 1 - Get studying today and get the grades you want. Only at mi-centre.com of Aaron Feuerstein, owner of Malden Mills, who when faced with an organizational crisis acted with moral intelligence.

The case research is constructed from numerous interviews conducted with Feuerstein over a period of nearly a decade and gleaned from a variety of sources including. Aaron Feuerstein-a Socially Responsible Owner.

Topics: Social responsibility, Corporate social responsibility, Malden Mills Pages: 5 ( words) Published: August 26, Case-1 Aaron Feuerstein-A Socially Responsible Owner. Explain why Aaron Feuerstein felt his decisions were necessary for his company and for his employees.

March 1, pressays. Within the Discussion Board area, write – words that respond to the following questions with your thoughts, ideas, and comments. Essay Writing; Online/Timed Assignments. Aaron Feuerstein In this paper I will discuss Aaron Feuerstein, the third-generation president and CEO of Malden Mills Industries, Inc., who leads the Lawrence, Massachusetts business with his father’s and grandfather’s .

Aaron feuerstein essay
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