Abraham lincoln leadership style essay

He served as pilot on a steamboat trip, then as clerk in a store and a mill; business failing, he was adrift for some time. The Republican party sprang into being to meet the overruling call of the hour. He declared further that, while he should be exceedingly glad to see slavery abolished in the District of Columbia, he would, as a member of Congress, with his present views, not endeavor to bring on that abolition except on condition that emancipation be gradual, that it be approved by the decision of a majority of voters in the District, and that compensation be made to unwilling owners.

No good advice would go unheeded. As soon as the repeal of the Missouri Compromise had thrust the slavery question into politics as the paramount issue, Lincoln plunged into an arduous study of all its legal, historical, and moral aspects, and then his mind became a complete arsenal of argument.

Abraham Lincoln: An Essay

Electrotyped and Printed by H. As had been foreseen, Douglas was nominated by one wing of the Democratic party at Baltimore, while the extreme pro-slavery wing put Breckinridge into the field as its candidate.

Essay This essay has been submitted by a student. Indeed, appeals to his compassion were so irresistible to him, and he felt it so difficult to refuse anything when his refusal could give pain, that he himself sometimes spoke of his inability to say "no" as a positive weakness.

Lincoln had the courage of his opinions, but he was not a radical. I can Abraham lincoln leadership style essay, knowing it, that it was on this trip that he formed his opinion on slavery. The people of the West had grown proud of him as a distinctively Western great man, and his popularity at home had some peculiar features which could be expected to exercise a potent charm.

His equipment as a statesman did not embrace a comprehensive knowledge of public affairs. By the repeal of the Missouri Compromise, opening the Territories to the ingress of slavery, Douglas had pleased the South, but greatly alarmed the North.

Abraham Lincoln leadership style essay

He would abandon cases, even during trial, when the testimony convinced him that his client was in the wrong. This was gratified; but how? This view can hardly be sustained.

On Becoming a Servant Leader. And yet I have never understood that the presidency conferred upon me an unrestricted right to act upon that judgment and feeling. It would no longer have been able to withstand the onset of a Abraham lincoln leadership style essay age. And this popularity carried him triumphantly through the presidential election ofin spite of an opposition within his own party which at first seemed very formidable.

When contracts related to the war effort raised serious questions about a member of his administration, Lincoln spoke up and indicated that he and his entire Cabinet were to blame.

Also, effective listening is one of the qualities of a servant leader in the sense that he or she takes the time to listen to the views of other people and include others when making decisions. In this he was right. But on the whole he was one of the people among whom he lived; in appearance perhaps even a little more uncouth than most of them, — a very tall, rawboned youth, with large features, dark, shriveled skin, and rebellious hair; his arms and legs long, out of proportion; clad in deerskin trousers, which from frequent exposure to the rain had shrunk so as to sit tightly on his limbs, leaving several inches of bluish shin exposed between their lower end and the heavy tan-colored shoes; the nether garment held usually by only one suspender, that was strung over a coarse home-made shirt; the head covered in winter with a coonskin cap, in summer with a rough straw hat of uncertain shape, without a band.

He saw also that slavery untouched was to the rebellion an element of power, and that in order to overcome that power it was necessary to turn it into an element of weakness. These anecdotes had not seldom a flavor of rustic robustness about them, but he used them with great effect, while amusing the audience, to give life to an abstraction, to explode an absurdity, to clinch an argument, to drive home an admonition.

As a stump-speaker in Whig canvasses outside of his State he had attracted comparatively little attention; but in Illinois he had been recognized as one of the foremost men of the Whig party. And now he perceived keenly the ugly dilemma in which Douglas found himself, between the Dred Scott decision, which declared the right to hold slaves to exist in the Territories by virtue of the Federal Constitution, and his "great principle of popular sovereignty," according to which the people of a Territory, if they saw fit, were to have the right to exclude slavery therefrom.

He commanded none of the outward graces of oratory as they are commonly understood.

In his speech opening the campaign ofhe spoke of Lincoln, whom the Republicans had dared to advance as their candidate for "his" place in the Senate, with an air of patronizing if not contemptuous condescension, as "a kind, amiable, and intelligent gentleman and a good citizen.

There were more disasters, — Fredericksburg and Chancellorsville.

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He served in the Illinois legislature for eight years and held several other positions: Request the removal of this essay People also read. Thus he presented the singular spectacle of a President who, in the midst of a great civil war, with unprecedented duties weighing upon him, was constantly in person debating the great features of his policy with the people.

But it was no secret to those who knew the family well, that his domestic life was full of trials. I did understand, however, also, that my oath imposed upon me the duty of preserving, to the best of my ability, by every indispensable means, that government, that nation, of which the Constitution was the organic law.Apr 27,  · To Abraham Lincoln the people became bound by a genuine sentimental attachment.

It was not a matter of respect, or confidence, or party pride, for this feeling spread far beyond the boundary lines of his party; it was an affair of the heart, independent of mere reasoning. The Leadership of Abraham Lincoln. 4 Pages Words November Saved essays Save your essays here so you can locate them quickly!

The eventual winner of the presidential election singled out Team of Rivals, Doris Kearns Goodwin’s best-selling account of President Abraham Lincoln’s leadership.

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The leadership of Abraham Lincoln Essay. B. Pages:3 Words This is just a sample. To get a unique essay. Lincoln demonstrated different leadership styles in different situations. But most of the times he is considered as an autocratic leader.

We will write a custom essay sample on The leadership of Abraham Lincoln specifically. Feb 13,  · There is no one whose statecraft more vividly illustrates the style of constitutional leadership better than Abraham Lincoln.

He stated the problem of constitutional leadership with uncommon clarity in his Special Message to .

Abraham lincoln leadership style essay
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