Adventures in the unknown interior of

Clarifying information is kept at a minimum to maintain the continuous flow of the narrative. The men, however, returned while we were walking about, and began discharging arrows at us.

Even toward the end, at the climax, he could not induce his fellow Spaniards to rush on ahead, but went himself. Those Adventures in the unknown interior of had gone ashore the day of our arrival--they may have numbered as many as thirty--were all who survived of both ships.

Rather than succumb right there, we commended ourselves to God, and put forth into the perilous sea as the storm still raged.

He took along a Negro, and the Indians left two of their number as hostages. But having virtually accomplished our objective, with its assurance of plentiful gold and food, we seemed already to feel our pain and fatigue lifting.

My hope of going out from among those nations was always small; nevertheless, I made a point of remembering all the particulars, so that should God our Lord eventually please to bring me where I am now, I might testify to my exertion in the royal behalf.

Since this narrative, in my opinion, is of no trivial value for those who go in your name to subdue those countries and bring them to a knowledge of the true faith and true Lord and bring them under the imperial dominion, I have written very exactly.

Ten leagues farther, along the coast, two bodies were found, belonging to my ship, but they had been so disfigured by beating against the rocks that they could not be recognized. I answered that I felt certain he would never find the ships again, or they him, as anyone could predict from the woefully inadequate preparation; that I would rather hazard the danger that lay ahead in the interior than give any occasion for questioning my honor by remaining safely aboard behind.

We had only a few containers to carry water, so could take but a little supply. By September 22 all but one of the horses had been consumed. I never could bring myself to eat any of the horse-meat at the time our beasts were slaughtered; and fish I did not taste ten times.

Valenzuela returned in two days to report that he had found the bay [the mouth of the Suwannee] but only a knee-deep, shallow expanse with no harbor. I will not prolong this unpleasantness; but you can imagine what it would be like in a strange, remote land, destitute of means either to remain or to get out.

We arrived at the island of Santo Domingo [about September 17] and there tarried nearly 45 days gathering provisions and particularly horses, during which time the local inhabitants, by promises and proposals, seduced more than of our men to desert. We headed northward until about the hour of vespers, when we came upon a very big bay which seemed to extend far inland.

We named this place Malhado--the "Island of Doom. The Govenor went to meet them and talked in signs. We could not hope to defend ourselves; not half a dozen of us could even stand up. There I remained until February When Cabeza de Vaca sincerely represented the possible riches of the unexplored country to the north in glowing terms to the viceroy for the viceroy was the personal representative of the kingMendoza promptly set about acting on the intelligence.

The parents set off the wails each day before dawn, again at noon, and at sunset, for one year. I said, join the barge ahead; by no means abandon her; so the three might go where God willed, together. The Indians were gone to shoal-flats [to dig rootsj.

I beg that it may be received as homage, since it is the most one could bring who returned thence naked. Everybody in the village dances and makes merry while the pyre of a medicine-man kindles, and until his bones become powder. To correlate them to our present calendar, add ten days. In the midst of this commotion the wind freshened and they departed.

After staying two days there, we returned to the base camp and told the Comptroller and pilots what we had seen and what the Indians had told us. We found ourselves in three fathoms of water, but it was still too dark to risk landing where we had seen the columns of smoke.

When I had returned the helm to the navigator, I lay down to rest--but without much rest, for nothing was farther from my mind than sleep. The ambush that did develop found us ready and proved harmless. The distance to the main is two leagues at the widest part of the channel.

Adventures in the Unknown Interior of America

There is no chief. The translation that follows has been checked against both of these and is deeply indebted to the more literal Smith version. They went to look for it.

Their women toil incessantly. The chapter divisions, furthermore, sometimes ignore the natural breaks in the narrative. If I wished to follow him, he continued, I should order my men to the oars, since only by arm work could the land be gained. This is the port Magellan sailed from in September and Cabeza de Vaca, seven years and ten months later.

Following these rites, the survivors wash off the smoke stain of the ceremony in a symbolic purgation. All three of these primary sources have been collated in the following translation.

The village consisted of forty low, small, thatch houses set up in sheltered places for protection from the frequent storms.-- Alvar Nunez, Adventures in the Unknown Interior of America He mentions the magnificent skills in archery by the Indians and also that their men were ambushed all the time.

Also, worthy of mentioning is the concept of acting on the will of God and their king.

Cabeza de Vaca's Adventures in the Unknown Interior of America Cabeza de Vaca's story is one of the earliest accounts of exploration of the Americas when it was still untouched by European traditions and values, when they were still in their raw and natural state.

Cabeza de Vaca's Adventures in the Unknown Interior of America (Zia Book) [Alvar Nunez Cabeza De Vaca, Cyclone Covey] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Cabeza de Vaca came to the New world in as part of a Spanish expedition to conquer the region north of the Gulf of Mexico.

His exploration party lost contact with /5(71). Adventures in the Unknown Interior of America [Cabeza de Vaca] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A mesmerizing sixteenth century epic of a mans incredible expedition. It is a pleasant and adventurous experience of De Vaca to interior America with new world of challenges/5(9).

He died in honor in His account of his South American adventures, which is three times longer than that of his North American journey, was bound with the second. Adventures in the Unknown Interior of America - Essay Words Nov 1st, 4 Pages Adventures in the Unknown Interior of America is a .

Adventures in the unknown interior of
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