Caring for parents in old age philosophy essay

For this reason it is considered as an option for busy people who need to take care of their elderly parents.

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That not only includes my duties but also my privileges and rights, which are due to my specific situation in my surrounding communities. However, when we compare the arguments used by the western liberals and those used by Confucians on this issue, we may find that their arguments are grounded in different concept of justice.

7 Cultures That Celebrate Aging And Respect Their Elders

When the young boy saw it, he told his father: However, they are not completely irrelevant to each other. It is rather determined mainly by what Caring for parents in old age philosophy essay of existential situation a moral agent is in and what kind of social role she plays.

Thus, the traditional filial obligation of supporting and taking care of the aged is left as either the private responsibility of the elderly themselves or as a societal burden on the public.

All of these demonstrate that at least some of our commonly and ordinarily accepted and practiced moral obligations can be justified without being preconditioned by the mutual consent of the moral agents involved in the action. When the root is firmly established, the dao will grow.

Second, although many times a moral agent does theoretically have an option to play or not to play a specific social role, such an option may not always be practical and therefore not real.

Older people tend to have a better outlook on life when they live with their adult children. Someone may argue that although many of our moral obligations are determined by different existential situations and social roles we play, we do often consent to be in those situations and to play those social roles in the first place.

Just like it would be ridiculous to say that my hands, in providing food to my stomach, are "paying debts" to the latter because it helped to keep the hands alive, it is misleading to talk about "owing debts" between parents and children.

Living in modern society, it seems that few people can really deny the importance of the principle of intentional consent and that of the concept of autonomy in our consideration of the nature of morality.

The old people have spent all of their lives for their families. Is the moral duty of helping a stranger based on my voluntary free will or on my existential status as a human being? According to Aristotle, a moral praise or blame should be based on whether an individual moral agent behaves "voluntarily or "involuntarily.

Taking care of the aged generation has always been a social problem for civilized societies. Give them respect, love and care as they gave you when you are dependent on them.

This is a professional service, and nurses are trained to take care of senior citizens. And what lifestyle is given to them in the old home. Sometimes the government has to pay for this care. First, should the society have that burden? A person is also a social and communal being, which imposes on her duties for caring for others as well as for her surrounding ecological environment, and a rational being, which makes her obligated to calculate the consequential implications of her consensual action before she consents to it.

The father did not take a good care of the Grandpa. It depends on whether family members have the time resource. There are few doubts that one has a moral duty to take care of oneself.

While many cultures celebrate the aging process and venerate their elders, in Western cultures -- where youth is fetishized and the elderly are commonly removed from the community and relegated to hospitals and nursing homes -- aging can become a shameful experience. According to Confucians, life should be seen as a flux.

Therefore, as a free, rational, and autonomous moral agent, I am morally responsible only for the consequences of those actions which I have committed voluntarily, without any coercion and deceit. I call it the "principle of intentional consent.

Our natural and innermost moral feelings of "xiu" shame and "wu" dislikeaccording to Confucians, are simply signals of both internal and social disapproval of these non-righteous actions, and thus marks the beginning of the development of righteousness and justice. The people with grey hair should not be seen carrying burdens on the street" Mencius, 1A: Old homes and proper care of the old people has been an intriguing issue for years.

They saw their parents through by both getting time to confide in them and cooking for them delicious meals. Filial piety and brotherly respect are the root of humanity.Should adults be responsible for their elderly parent's care? Add a New Topic; Add to My Favorites Debate This Topic; Report This Topic; Should adults be responsible for their elderly parent's care?

It is only fitting that their adult children should make sure that their parents have what they need in their old age. In many societies there.

It doesn’t matter whether the person we are caring for is experiencing cancer, the flu, dementia, or grief. aging-parents, old-age, teenagers. 3 likes. Like “Failure to plan ahead is a plan sure to FAIL!”life-changing-quotes, life-philosophy-philosophy.

Old homes and proper care of the old people has been an intriguing issue for years. In my opinion it is a family responsibility, in the very first place to take care of their elders when they get old. Growing Old. The Jewish view on aging and retirement. Based on the teachings of the Lubavitcher Rebbe Courtesy of The Torah considers old age a virtue and a blessing.

Throughout the Torah, "old" (zakein) if only by stimulating his parents with his thirst for knowledge and affection.

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Feb 25,  · The age is thought to be reason for celebration in part because many of their ancestors would not have survived past the age of 60 without the advances of modern medicine.

A similar large family celebration is held for the 70th birthday, known as kohCui ("old and rare"). Chinese children care for their parents in old age. [tags: Philosophy Nursing Caring Watson Essays] Powerful Essays words | ( pages) | - Caring Between Parents and Children Parents and their children create a certain aspect of love that is special to them.

This caring part of love is so powerful that it continues after death. An age old, since the time of Hippocrates, is the.

Caring for parents in old age philosophy essay
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