Comparison between eigrp and ospf

Wimax offering high speed but if a client exists away from tower or base station speed could decreases. On the other end of the spectrum, an ill-behaved route could be a route that is unstable, or flapping.

Am I unreasonable in expecting this to not be a default or behavior, or even if it is, that the IOS developers would include a mechanism to disable it?

A Slight Problem with Distributing EIGRP into MP-BGP

The route originates from the network command. The valid range is from 1 to 20,; the default is The topology table also records the metrics for each of the listed EIGRP routes, the feasible successor and the successors.

Periodically checks if a route is available, and propagates routing changes to neighboring routers if any changes have occurred. The default AD is 1. On the other hand, if the receivers signal their intent to receive multicast stream to the centralized node, it is called PIM Sparse Mode.

Example Configuration of the ringo Router hostname ringo!

Hotspot Frame-relay Question

This is due to the set route-type type-1 command in the route map on the ringo router. This can prove a handy documentation tool for troubleshooting route redistribution.

The half-life timer is a timer, expressed in minutes, that must elapse before the penalty will be reduced by one-half. Used for I-BGP peers. The tag value may also be acted upon during a redistribution process. Wimax coverage is about 30 miles and Wifi coverage is very limited to some small area.

Example lists the configuration to accomplish this on the ringo router. Example Routes with Communities Set on the ring Router ringo show ip bgp Interior gateway routing protocol created in part to defeat the confines of RIP Routing Information Protocol in large networks.

Frame Relay for ICND Exam

While WiFi offer short range of data transfer because WiFi can connect only in specified areas so only file sharing may possible.

Table lists the syntax used in setting the origin. The default is 15 minutes, and the valid range is 1 to 45 minutes. EIGRP maintains a hop count for every route, however, the hop count is not used in metric calculation.

The line of sight antennas used to connect tower in Wimax technology. The set metric, set metric-type and set tag commands can all be used to change the metric or the tag of a route during redistribution. With the passage of time new improvement brings a new variant in The base station of Wimax capable to provide access to business and hundred of homes, While Wifi is providing only local area networking LAN.

This behavior is more inline with link-state routing protocolsthus EIGRP is mostly considered a hybrid protocol. Put simply, the receiver signals whether or not it is interested in multicast traffic. The default route means: Notice how the For the purposes of comparing routes, these are combined together in a weighted formula to produce a single overall metric: Also used for setting IS-IS internal metric.

This section discusses the syntax of the various set commands for BGP and their basic application. June 14th, 58 comments Note: Policy-based routing enables the network engineer to configure policies that selectively cause packets to take paths that differ from the next-hop path specified by the route table.

Router configure terminal Router config router eigrp 1 Router config-router network NOTE. When creating route maps, leave room in between sequence numbers for future editing. Begin your first route map with a sequence of 10 ordepending on how big you expect the route map to be.

Question 1. Explanation.


Only a router or a Layer 3 switch can mitigate a broadcast storm because they separate broadcast domains -> B and D are correct. What is the difference between PIM Sparse Mode and PIM SSM (Source Specific Multicast)?" Multicast PIM Sparse mode and PIM Source Specific multicast.

Learn about the WiMAX vs Wifi technologies, what are the differences between wifi and wimax technology and what factors we can compare wimax with wifi. Here you will find answers to CCNA – Basic Questions. Question 1.

CCIE Practical Studies: Configuring Route-Maps and Policy-based Routing

For which type of connection should a straight-through cable be used? A. switch to switch. When routes are redistributed between OSPF processes, are all shortest path first algorithm (SPF) metrics preserved, or is the default metric value used?

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Comparison between eigrp and ospf
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