How to write a spiritual autobiography about yourself

There are always lessons to be learned. That was a little freaky. It was wonderful, but that year was also the last time I enjoyed the practice of medicine.

Writing a spiritual autobiography is difficult -- it takes patience, attention to detail and a willingness to bare your heart to others. For others, a major event in their life brought them to the spirituality they practice today. Every summer our family took an entire month to go camping at a Provincial Park on a lake near Ottawa.

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I vacillated between certainty and doubt, but neither felt appropriate for conversation. So how has your life become better since starting your spiritual practices? The depression disappeared and I had a wonderful year.

It was and continues to be pure gift. We believe the things that we do from a spiritual standpoint because we have seen evidence that backs up our faith in some way. In the summer, my dad directed an integrated summer camp in neighboring Illinois; my mom was the camp nurse and we kids tagged along.

Have a discussion with family to help you remember details of your life. The meaningful events a person endured can be a testimony for someone else. Before they had a chance to attend, however, they had been chased out of town by burning crosses on their lawn.

This tension between outer blessing and inner suffering has been arguably the most powerful spiritual force in my life. I wonder about the validity of highly emotional religious experiences. We took a year off in Finland, where Marja worked to support us, and I took care of the kids: Write down the specific people, dates, places and how you felt during each incident and experience.

I thought it was burn-out; in fact, it was the unrecognized depression. We could hear the wolves howling. Therefore, any expression of Jesus is also an expression of God. We had met in high school when she was the foreign exchange student.

Spiritual Autobiography Guidelines

It will probably be much more difficult for those close to me, especially for many of you here, to watch me decline intellectually and ultimately in many other ways, as well.

Some people even practice hybrid religions or incorporate influences from multiple faiths and spiritual preferences to create their own unique brand of spirituality.

So let me start again with a different but equally true story. So I belong to this community not because we express our in faith God in the same way, but because we understand that the infinite nature of God is inexpressible.In order to transform a personal or professional experience into spiritual insight and understanding it is necessary to gain some perspective the writing of one’s spiritual autobiography can cover your entire life, or you can select several significant experiences and write about them in detail.

A spiritual autobiography is not meant to be a comprehensive chronicle of your spiritual journey, but rather a selective reflection on events, periods, influences, people and experiences that God leads you to write about. Your Spiritual Autobiography is the story of your personal journey with God.

This is an excerpt of mine along with some questions to consider as you write yours. How to Write a Spiritual Autobiography.

How to Write a Spiritual Autobiography

If you would like to try writing your own Spiritual Autobiography, start by asking yourself these questions: Which churches have I. I’ve written my spiritual autobiography at least three times since I came to the Church of the Saviour thirty years ago.

you might was well call yourself a Christian at least for a while. This has been a wonderful seven months.


I can’t believe it’s going to stay that way forever, but if the people who write me are any. Tell Me Your Story: How to Write Your Spiritual Memoir by The Rev. Dr. William B.

Randolph In the years since my parents’ passing, I have found myself saying, “I wish I had asked Dad or Mom about something when they were still living.”. What's in an Autobiography? These 8 tips will help you turn your life experience into a story others will enjoy reading.

As you write your autobiography, think about the ways that your family celebrated or observed certain days, events, and months, and tell your audience about special moments.

Consider these questions: How to Write a.

How to write a spiritual autobiography about yourself
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