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At first I thought Shorter would steal the show and outshine the other performers because he was essentially the star, however, he did exactly the opposite. During this session, the alto sax takes over and cooperates with all the other instruments in the quartet.

Jazz oncert report song was an upbeat song with lots of trumpet playing in the middle of the song. There was a strong prominence on the antiphony aspect call and response particularly at the start of the music. The first song was performed completely a cappella and the second song was accompanied by a little piano in the background.

It showed uniqueness in that it incorporated everyday sounds into the music, such as bulge calls, bird songs, and dance tunes, which provided for a very wide variety of tone colors. Towards the conclusion of the song, the piano started to get more dominant by focusing on the right hand chords solely.

Towards the conclusion, the music gradually developed its climax and then it abruptly ended.

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The finale began with a restatement of parts of the opening movement, which moved Jazz oncert report a brass fanfare and cymbal crashes that built to multiple crescendos.

If no program is available, be sure to write down the songs as they are played. This music had everything an accomplished jazz song should have and I was beside myself with satisfaction and admiration. I decided that I liked the live version that I saw more than the recorded version of Mingus.

In between the pauses, the leader of the group casually talked to us, and he kept us engaged as they prepared the next set. In conclusion, the players made use of the ritardando technique that required a steady decrease in tempo.

In fact, I did not need to connect them with performance they were just in the performance and I could hear it. This blend and the way the music was played gave off a genuinely depressed feeling. I expected the audience to be more engaged and not just sit passively.

Moreover, he has a great deal of experience and he is not afraid to experiment. This showed me that they all have an immense respect for one another. One can listen to different types of jazz groups, different jazz music and settle on the best type of music and band.

Be sure to match the emotion of the piece with how you describe each song. The behavior of the performers was unlike any ensemble I have seen before.

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There were a lot of young people to my surprise, at the concert as well as elderly people. He repeated this style for two measures after which the sax man came in and played his piece for an extra two measures.

However as the audience got louder and more rambunctious the musicians seemed to match the mood and volume perfectly. The bassist ends the song in the same manner he started it. When the solo violin returned, it was accompanied by the other violins playing a background of staccato notes.

I had the best occasion to listen to many diverse art groups perform with different levels of skills. With that one personal preference aside, I had no bad things to say about the band. The band was very small In size and was very good.

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Sep 14,  · Check out our top Free Essays on Jazz Oncert Report to help you write your own Essay. On the night of March 11,three bands and two vocal groups performed at "The Vocal Jazz and Combos Concert" at Diablo Valley College (DVC).

When I went to the concert, I sat in the middle of the concert hall so I had a good view of the performers and hear the music clearly. The venue was the /5(2). s ample c oncert r eport Return to MUSIC 5 On October 15 I attended a concert by the NDR Symphony Orchestra of Hamburg at the New Jersey Performing Arts Center.

Jazz is a music style that first gained popularity in southern cities like New Orleans around the turn of the 20th century. It is a very emotional brand of music that reflects the trials and.

Jazz Concert Report Essay Sample. The Wayne Shorter Quarter concert was unlike any concert I have ever been to. The variety of instruments and style of the performers contributed to a unique experience.

Jazz oncert report
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