Managing the virus hunters case application

Summary of the Case: Thus they have never ending work under their wing and once they get finished in Santa Monica, thus being continued by people from Tokyo. He should think creatively, look into abstract information, and develop innovative ideas and models to motivate his team.

He should give priority to the learning and understanding how the world of computer viruses work; how they are made, how they function, and how they are cured and get rid of.

To tackle these problems, Mr. One of the most important lessons for other managers which can be taken from Vincent Weafer is that no matter how complex, stressful, or chaotic of an environment you work in, your managerial roles are always equally important.

Weafer is seeking internal and external information, to better understand the organization and environment.

Managing the Virus Hunters

In what ways does the organization support its employees in servicing customers and in being innovative? If Vincent Weafer knows everything his team is doing, it will help keep his team at a professional level.

The ability to interact effectively with his team members, both individually and in groups, is essential for a well-communicated and well-coordinated team. With the trust of his team members, he should coach and mentor them to be the best.

With best possible effort from him in these skills, his team will reward him with being motivated and being professional. Without these technical skills, he will not be able to keep a good watch on the work his team does, and not understand or figure out what quality of the work is being done.

Case Application 2 The Virus Hunters

Symantec has shown that a firm that hires the best people, no matter how diversified they are, performs well. Symantec has a very user-friendly website and gives a lot of emphasis on customer service.

Case Application 2 The Virus Hunters The Virus Hunters Can you imagine how it would be if you could never finish your products, your work was incomplete and there was a shift of 30 times in your market?

This was something they had to face in their daily work. His ability to understand problems and challenges, and tackle them in the best way possible will surely be rewarded with a team that puts all its effort into their work, and do their jobs with responsibility and dedication. The stressful and chaotic work can easily demotivate the workers, and have them feel fed-up of this routinely stressful job.

Because this was no imagination for them, but hard core reality. Their approach to keep a chaotic job working round-the-clock around the globe is a lesson that non-stopping tasks can be tackled and made easier for the workers. When holding weekly security briefing conferences with coworkers around the globe, Mr.

Answered previously in question 4 previous page. In an environment of the sort Mr.

They have a new requirement every hour and have new viruses emerging all the time.Case Application 2 The Virus Hunters The Virus Hunters Can you imagine how it would be if you could never finish your products, your work was incomplete and there was a.

View Homework Help - CASE APPLICATION 2 The Virus Hunters from ECONOMICS ECO at University of Phoenix. CASE APPLICATION 2 The Virus Hunters Imagine what life would be like if your product were never. Case StudyPRINCIPLE OF MANAGEMENT ASSIGMENT#1 CASE STUDY#1 Managing Virus Hunters Submitted to: Mr.

Turab Ali Khan Submitted by: Scribd is the world's largest social reading and publishing site. Case Study on Managing the Virus Hunters 1.

Welcome To Our Presentation 2. Managing The Virus Hunters Presented by Md. Chanchal Chowdhury Robaed Razin. Case: Managing the Virus Hunters Introduction: Symantec Corp - Managing the Virus Hunters introduction.

Managing the Virus Hunters Essay

is a security software company, best known for its Norton antivirus. Founded in by Gary Hendrix, it is the market leader in security software.

Its headquarters are located in Mountain View, California, U.S. and the company operates worldwide. We will write a custom essay sample on Managing the Virus Hunters specifically for you C. in this case he is engaging and connecting to his employees by reminding them to kept focused n the company’s commitment to the customer and this king of activities done by Vincent can be classified as interpersonal roles because he interact and.

Managing the virus hunters case application
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