Neck guards in hockey

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Crazy lines or unnecessary markings? Penn State, the second newest member on the college hockey Division I block has itself the third-best looking uniform in the game.

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I mean the Wirtz family are an iconic family. Everybody felt, maybe that will rub off on the rest of the markets. A nation in shock and mourning. Minnesota, Michigan, Wisconsin, etc. Now to the little things. The Bulldogs start off the top five countdown of best uniforms in college hockey.

It was the idea of Gretzky that mattered, the idea of the best. Maybe some thought that we would attract a major television deal. But you know what? Listen Now The events of August have been Neck guards in hockey documented: Nothing great, but a good spot to put that. The baby blue with the navy blue.

He was willing to sell Gretzky to get it. The collar is pretty slick, too. Apparently these were only worn on Oct. A fantastic color scheme branded as well as a UConn hockey uniform could be.

They perfected it and they can do what they want? That is a huge sticking point for me and will get you a ton of points in my book every time. It was a great honour but it was a little odd for somebody as young as I was and as new as I was in the league.

It was the identity of the new owners. Gretzky was more than happy to move to Los Angeles. Michael Eisner bought the Anaheim Mighty Ducks on behalf of Disney Wayne Huizenga, who had made his fortune with the Blockbuster Video rentals chain, and who also owned the Miami Dolphins of the National Football League, bought what would become the Florida Panthers, the second franchise in the Sunshine State, following the arrival of the Tampa Bay Lightning in UConn did a pretty nice job with these.

You know what happened next: They stood true to the name and let that do all the talking. It was just five months after McNall had bought the final piece of the Kings.

Penn State Click image to enlarge When you think of Big Ten hockey, the traditional powers that be come to mind: I think stripes on hokey pants can detract too much from the piping on the sweater.

Maine is arguably the most iconic college hockey uniform of all-time and would be No. The best color combo in college hockey, if not sports! Or is it a hockey net? When he staged a star-studded dinner for Luc Robitaille and Co. Starting to see a trend here?

The red and white trim on the blues and the flipped red and blue trim on the whites is perfect Subtle enough to not go overboard, but powerful enough to hammer home that color scheme and the UConn brand. It might also be an outline of Amsoil Arena, as well — hopefully someone can fill me in!

Just a clean, white jersey with that icon Nittany Lion logo in navy blue with one, thick-blue stripe corresponding with sleeve, jersey and sock, a crisp number scheme and an absolutely marvelous inverted last-name bumper plate on the back to the just seal the deal that Penn State belongs in the top 3 of the college hockey pantheon of uniforms.

Neck guard

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College Hockey Uniform Rankings: #5–#1

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Neck guards in hockey
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