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This makes them easily fall prey to opportunistic sex traffickers. Trafficking from Africa occurs mainly in countries such as Uganda and Kenya East AfricaWest African communities, especially the Nigerian women and kids, and even in North African countries such as Morocco and Tunisia Almost 6, 00, to 8, 00, women and children are annually trafficked across national borders.

Children are subject to involuntary servitude as factory workers, domestic servants, beggars, agricultural workers and many times they are also sexually abused by their owners. Those that suffer physical and emotional abuse and rape may never be able to live normal lives Sex trafficking in france essay.

Short Essay on Human Trafficking Article shared by Human Sex trafficking in france essay is just another name for modern-day slavery, wherein the victims involved are forced, coerced and deceived into labour and sexual exploitation.

Sex trafficking in the East European countries offers breeding grounds for corruption, especially in the government, judiciary and law-enforcement agencies Kara Chinese nationals are exploited among the other women from Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia The figures are scary.

No crime can be worse than this. However so much more needs to be done, yet.

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Prostitution and sexually transmitted diseases: Many women from third world countries are lured into this trade with the bait of false marriages. More often than not, agents with promises of better employment opportunities abroad trick and airlift young women to Europe where their documents are confiscated on arrival, and thereafter they are forced to work as sex slaves Kara These women are usually engaged in indoor prostitution at the saunas, beauty centers and massage parlors Many of the victims are forced either directly with violence or indirectly with psychological blackmail into the trade.

Effects of Sex Trafficking in Europe Corruption: Centres like Aakanksha help in rehabilitating the victims. Lastly, creating awareness among victims is also a commendable step towards averting sex trafficking in Europe.

The child is mentally handicapped for the rest of his or her life. There are different causes of sex trafficking, and its effects are far-fetched as discussed in the following sections. According to Kara, slave owners send good amounts of money to parents who are willing to sell their children in time in order to entice the other parents to get into the business as well.

Most human trafficking victims are actually duped into the trade by the false promises made regarding job opportunities.

Don Bosco National Forum has launched a website which is closely monitored by child welfare organizations in all cities of the country and a search for the child is started immediately after a complaint is registered. Women and girls are trafficked internally for commercial sex. This kind of migration is common Between Africa and Europe whereby most Africans move to countries like the United Kingdom in search of well-paid jobs and better living conditions.

Custom Sex Trafficking in Europe Essay.

Factors such as displacement, desperation and poverty drive many families to sell their children into slavery so as to earn a living Kara 8. Kara gives a scenario where a young woman named Bridgette was forced to remain in sex slavery for years simply because her master was sending money to her parents back at home on a monthly basis 8.

Once they enter the countries of trade their passports are confiscated and with no money, no shelter, and no one to turn to they are left at the mercy of those who trade in human flesh.

Therefore, this paper aims at establishing the causes, effects and measures that can be taken to avert sex trafficking in Europe. Causes of Sex Trafficking Poverty Poverty has predisposed women and girls to sex trafficking around the world. India shows alarming rates of human trafficking.

Trafficking in India is often disguised as migration, commercial sex or disgustingly even marriage. Girls are most vulnerable to the practice since most parents prefer investing in boys rather than girls.

Immigration policies of some European countries such as Italy that favor indiscriminative immigration of women from world over also fuel sex trafficking, because they increase the number of women who are prone to sex trafficking Freedman 8. India has become a transit hub for human trafficking with estimated millions, victim to human trafficking.

However, the dominance of these groups in sex trafficking market has changed due to the emergence of new supply from the other parts of the world such as African and Asian continents. As such, Europe has turned out to be the destination of choice for most people Manian et al.

It is estimated that women make up more than half of the migration population in Europe courtesy of the common European immigration policies. As a result, young women leave their homes to look for work in the major cities of the world.

The problems must be tackled at grass roots.- Sex Trafficking Throughout the 21st century, the number of human beings being capture and put into sex trafficking and prostitution has risen.

Inaboutyoung boys, girls, and women were forced into human trafficking in the United States alone and estimated million in the world. Human trafficking is just another name for modern-day slavery, wherein the victims involved are forced, coerced and deceived into labour and sexual exploitation.

The figures are scary. Almost 6, 00, to 8, 00, women and children are annually trafficked across national borders. Viviene Cree () wrote that women and children are especially vulnerable to sex trafficking because of their experience of powerlessness, poverty, gender-based discrimination, and the history of sexual and physical violence.

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Unfortunately, human trafficking for the purpose of sexual exploitation is not something that happened. Sex Trafficking Victims Trafficking in human beings is not a new phenomenon, especially that of girls and women.

Historically, sex trafficking has taken many forms, however, in the context of globalization it has taken in a new and. sex trafficking Essay. Why does sex-trafficking still exist nowadays?

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