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Encryption and decryption are done the same way except the keys are selected in the reverse order. A list representation of the string S.

Permute a 4-bit string: So the output for the function f Ri-1,Ki will bethe S1 output followed by the S2 output. The initial permutation Simple des a list of 8 bits: The last 3 bits are used to select the column.

The primary focus in this release was on laying the groundwork for mind map synchronization based on the WebDAV protocol. The output Simple des the S-boxes is combined to form a single block of 6 bits.

But I think flash animation that I linked above will be a great help. Points of Interest I started learning Cryptography two weeks ago, and I made this program. The size of each key is the same as the block size: Encrypt a random block of 8-bit plaintext using a random key, decrypt the ciphertext, and compare the result with the original plaintext: So I describe the basic building blocks of the Simple Cryptographer.

Permute a bit string: And it starts with making sub keys.

Triple DES

I use StringBuilder for reducing string garbage, but I think string is not a good choice for performance but good for implementation easy: A list representation of a string of bits: Other classes are some building blocks of DES and AES, transform from text to hexadecimal, hexadecimal to text, to binary, and some core building block like multiplication on GF 28matrix transformation However, the number of bits in that binary string must be positive and a multiple of 8: A block of the same Simple des, but in which the first 4 bits from B has been switched for the last 4 bits in B.

K — a bit secret key of this Simplified DES n — default: Minh Van Nguyen The binary string representation of B. The "IsReverse" flag is for using the same method for encryption and decryption. Until now, the only supported clouds were Dropbox and Google Drive.

Decrypt an 8-bit ciphertext block: The 8-bit ciphertext corresponding to P, obtained using the key K. Cn[i - 1], DESData.Simplified DES, developed by Professor Edward Schaefer of Santa Clara University [SCHA96], is an educational rather than a secure encryption algorithm.

It has similar properties and structure. In cryptography, Triple DES is a block cipher created from the Data Encryption Standard (DES) cipher by using it three times. Triple DES is also known as TDES or, more standard, TDEA (Triple Data Encryption Algorithm). Simplified DES¶.

A simplified variant of the Data Encryption Standard (DES). Note that Simplified DES or S-DES is for educational purposes only. It is a small-scale version of the DES designed to help beginners understand the basic structure of DES.

Simple Cryptographer - Simple DES/AES Implementation in C#

It's very simple and does not focus on performance, but I think that it is simple. It's a simple DES/AES Encrypt and Decrypt program that uses string data type.

If it helps someone who needs to get some practical source code, it'll be my honor. Caution: I'm not good at writing in English, so be.

To right 4 bits of above result, apply expansion/permutation E/P (generating 8 bits from 4). The bit numbering is that of the 4-bit right-nibble, not of the 8-bit byte (e.g., indicated bit 2 refers to byte's bit 6).

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Simple des
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