The killing floor frank custer s industrial

Two stretch the limits of plausibility. He further notes that x is approximately the theoretical limit for energy storage with chemical bonds, and as noted, 5 kilotons of capacitors hold 1 TJ.

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Jackson begs to differ: This includes situations where one power is in an orbit around a separate body. Second, ships will be generally unable to maneuver in combat as described abovelimiting the impact of any brilliant 3-D tactics, as the opponent will have plenty of time to respond.

If the US and China decide to fight around Mars, but avoid conflict on Earth, a largely symmetrical war is possible. Fighters and gunboats will most likely be the primary warcraft here, supported by either ground defenses or by interplanetary ships.

For example, take a IIC. Rick Robinson suggests that a "torpedo" is a missile with acceleration less than a spacecraft while a "missile" is a missile with acceleration greater than a spacecraft the same way a wet-navy battleship can dodge a sea-going torpedo but not a guided missile.

Generally this is a preposterous waste of your combat dollar, unless there are special circumstances. The killing floor frank custer s industrial sides honor such surrenders, making warfare very bloodless.

What was optimal could depend upon factors including the type of target, but the attainable firepower is vast.

If firing pellets like a shotgun, such could deliver on average a kJ pellet per square meter within a meter to meter diameter pattern per millisecond, a thousand times as much per second, potentially destroying many different incoming missiles.

There would also be inefficiencies. EMP beams could be about the opposite of lethal radiation beams, devastating planetary infrastructure without killing any people aside from a few indirect deaths like crashing aircraft.

This paper will attempt to examine a wide variety of environments in which space combat might occur. The preceding total over the decades and centuries is less than what is received every year from natural sources of radiationwhich is in turn orders of magnitude less than what would make an eventual death from cancer probable.

Delta-V requirements are minimal. High delta-Vs are required, as is long endurance. Even with need for electricity rather than mechanical power alone, the many thousands of tons involved in a space warship would allow it to have nuclear power generation at least in the gigawatt range or higher, likely terawatts for large ships.

The Killing Floor

There are a broad variety of factors at work here, so this list is somewhat less organized then the other two. The laws of physics as we know them still apply.


Depending on the political situation, command ships might be far larger than then battle vessels. The lancer has to burn for the target, do a counter-burn to stop, do a burn for home, and do a counter-burn to stop at home. The second will tend to result in lasernoughts, vessels with two to four large mirrors.

While the whole range is conservative by sci-fi standards, one could take the low end of the range if concerned about the reliability of it being plausible. In any setting of this kind, space warfare will be a sideshow to the rest of the war.

It is also the type of thing that gets called a war crime. A corvette type ship might be useful to the Coast Guard for police and search and rescue work, but that is an entirely different realm than a warship. Allow me to elaborate. One is the structural strength of the materials of which the ship is constructed.THE KILLING FLOOR was envisioned by Rassbach as the "pilot" for a ten-part drama series for PBS on the history of American workers during the industrial age.

Funding was provided by the National Endowment for the Humanities, American Playhouse, foundations, corporations, more than 30 labor unions, and by the film's cast and crew through generous deferrals of union wages. Apr 10,  · At the meat factory, where Custer works in the slaughtering area known as the killing floor, the white workers, recognizing that there is strength only in numbers, are trying to recruit the largely reluctant blacks into the struggling union.

One black faction, led by Heavy Williams (Moses Gunn), is adamantly opposed to anything proposed by whites. U.S. Army USARAK PROMOTION STUDY GUIDE United States Army Alaska.

The Killing Floor Frank Custer leaves his young family in rural Mississippi in pursuit of industrial employment in the northern "Promised Land" of Chicago, Illinois. Little did he know about the true extent of the journey he was about to embark on.

The Killing Floor Frank Custer leaves his young family in rural Mississippi in pursuit of industrial employment in the northern “Promised Land” of Chicago, Illinois. Little did he know about the true extent of the journey he was about to embark on. Frank Custer was a black sharecropper who left the South in to find work in "the promised land" of Chicago.

The Killing Floor, tonight's installment of PBS's American playhouse,"tells his true story--and tells it very, very well. The Killing Floor (Channel 12 at 9) uses Custer, played by Damien Leake, as both hero and narrator.

The killing floor frank custer s industrial
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