The main benefits of the osi model essay

Session layer functionality includes: Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. Examples of application layer functionality include: This makes it easier to troubleshoot problems that may arise at each stage, by separating the networks into small manageable pieces.

It provides an interface for the end user operating a device connected to a network.

The main benefits of the OSI model Essay Sample

It does not rely on a specific operating system OSI is convenient since errors are dealt with at each level, as different levels operate automatically independent of each other. Layer 3 Layer 4 Layer 4 being the transport layer of the OSI model offers end-to-end communication between end devices through a network.

Some of the functions offered by the transport layer include: Layer 5 This is the session layer it provides various services that include tracking the number of bytes that each end of the session has acknowledged receiving from the other end of the session. It is easier to add multiple network models The OSI model is designed in such a way that user further extend new protocols within the process.

In this layer it provides the function of: The OSI model was designed to ensure different types of equipment like adapters, routers, hubs and network adaptors are compatible. Encrypt data for security purposes Decryption and encryption services are also available for security purposes.

Also, each layer has it own interface specifications and a well-defined connector. In addition, the user also understand how new technologies are developed in the existing networks.

Expansion and compression of messages is simplified to ensure it travels from one system to another efficiently. Due to its complexity, poor performance can be obtained in day to day applications, thereby it requires great technical know-how.

The user can understand the common terms used in networking OSI model also help the user to understand different networking terms and functional relationship applied on multiple networks.

This layer is what the user sees, in terms of loading an application such as a web browser or email service.

For instance, each stage has specific functions to ensure all networks operate without technical hitches. This means you can use additional layered architecture other than the existing one.

Benefits Of OSI Model

Depending on the application, the transport layer either offers reliable, connection-oriented or connectionless, best-effort communications. Interprets product functionality at each stage The OSI model simply uses different stages of functionality.

Electrical, mechanical, functional, and procedural specifications are provided for sending a bit stream on a computer network.

Components of the physical layer include: The application layer is the data the user views while using these applications.The chief benefits of the OSI theoretical account include the undermentioned: • Helps users understand the large image of networking • Helps users understand how hardware and package elements function together • Makes trouble-shooting easier by dividing webs into manageable pieces • Defines footings that networking professionals can utilize to compare basic functional relationships on.

OSI Model Advantages and Basic Purpose Explained Understand the basic concepts and purpose of OSI seven layers model with examples. When we talk about OSI Layers model, first thing which comes in our mind is that why it was developed?

Benefits Of OSI Model. January 1,Harri Daniel, Comments Off on Benefits Of OSI Model. Benefits of OSI Model. By separating sales communications and multi-level marketing into smaller logical sections, the OSI model simplifies how networking protocols are created.

The OSI model was designed to ensure different types of equipment (like adapters, routers, hubs and network adaptors) are. Free Essay: Michael Rauseo IT OSI Model In the early years of computer and network research and development many systems were designed by a number of.

The main benefits of the OSI model include the following: • Helps users understand the big picture of networking • Helps users understand how hardware and software elements function together • Makes troubleshooting easier by separating networks into manageable pieces • Defines terms that networking professionals can use to compare basic functional relationships on different networks.

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To clarify the function of the seven layers in the OSI Model, let us replace OSI with a house that has seven rooms.

The main benefits of the osi model essay
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